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String works at the intersection of biology, engineering and chemistry. By leveraging our technology platforms, SIMP – String Integrated Methane Platform, we aim to deliver true economic drivers for methane from waste to natural resources.

String’s technology is covered by our intellectual property. Our patents cover our engineered catalysts, method of production, product separation and unique process model.



We have gone back to nature to help solve the problem of methane conversion. Combining nature’s principles with advances in genome engineering, helps us in the design of efficient catalysts. A Design-Engineer-Test cycle guides our catalyst development allowing us to develop effective catalysts for an intractable problem.


While we stand on the shoulders of giants before us, we question engineering fundamentals as applied to scale up of biobased products – How do we scale cheaper? Can our cycles be faster? How do we design for robustness? How do we make it sustainable?




The power of chemistry is in the ubiquitousness of its applications. We have leveraged the simple principles of chemistry to develop elegant solutions for scale up of biobased products. This enables us to work with centralized and decentralized sources of methane/waste.

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