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About String


What we do

At String, our vision is  to deliver cost-effective, robust, and sustainable solutions for real-world problems. Our first bold bet is to revolutionize how waste flows through our ecosystem.

String’s innovative solution will leverage methane, produced from waste or available from natural sources, to create valuable chemical monomers. These monomers are the building blocks to create everyday products from biodegradable plastic to high performance polymers for stents and sutures. This empowers us to create circular value chains for organic waste, methane and plastic.

What we believe

We are a young team and we hold our values deep.  Here’s what drives our work.

  • We believe creativity is driven more by the synergy of great minds and less by the abundance of resources
  • We believe great innovations are motivated by nature
  • We believe in the simplicity of our solutions
  • We believe passion makes work play.
  • We believe in a cleaner tomorrow.


Who we are

Vinod Kumar

Managing Director

Ezhil Subbian


Elakkiya Chandran

Catalyst Engineering

Laavanya GR

Catalyst Engineering

Divakar Duraiswami

Scale up & Downstream Processing

Chetan Kurthukoti

Catalyst Engineering

Naga Sairam

Catalyst Selection & Optimization

Purvesh Shingala

Scale up & Process Engineering

Sandeep Kumar

Catalyst Selection & Optimization

Surendranathan D

Catalyst Engineering

Dr. Murali Sastry

Strategy & Nanotechnology

Dr. D.V. Gokhale

Catalyst Engineering

Dr. Ujwal Shinde

Protein Engineering

Prof. Colin Murrell

Catalyst Engineering

Our Partners





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