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String and its contribution to India’s biotech capital

Ezhil Subbian had worked on her company for a year in San Francisco before deciding to move to Bengaluru in 2013. Her startup, String Bio, was based in a state-of the-art incubation centre in San Francisco.

String Bio needed a good home in Bengaluru quickly. The city had been generating biotech startups for a decade and a half, but it had only one incubator when Subbian moved, set up by the Department of Biotechnology in 2012. Not surprisingly, it was full.

String receives the EnABLE startup awards-2016

String receives the EnABLE startup awards-2016 in Industrial Biotechnology sector for “propelling the engines of BioEconomy in an extraordinary way” at the BioEconomy Conclave 2016 held in New Delhi. Read More…

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